Our design + Your elbow grease = wE-Design!

Whether you’re the next budding HGTV star, or just a budget-conscious DIY-er, wE-Design is the perfect way for you to get the celebrity look for your room on a penny-pinching budget. With wE-Design, our certified interior decorator, Liz Toombs, C.I.D. will dream up your space, and leave the execution to you.


PDR-Icons_0000_Layer-61. Begin by filling out our fun, interactive “Get Started” packet. Here, you’ll measure your space, tell us which pieces are must-keeps, and measure windows, doors, etc. You’ll provide us with some information about your style and the room(s) and submit.

PDR-Icons_0002_Layer-42. We start with a phone consult, to hear what you’re looking for and get a feel for your taste and style. This helps us make certain we provide you with the room of your dreams.

PDR-Icons_0001_Layer-53. Our team goes to work to create your design boards and craft your signature look and feel. You’ll see color palettes, furniture options and plenty of detail to make the look a reality.


PDR-Icons_0003_Layer-34. Your wE-Designed room is ready for you to complete, either by yourself, with friends, or a professional!



What You Get


  1. A one-on-one phone session with Liz Toombs, C.I.D.
  2. A design board with a space plan and photos of selections that show our vision for your room
  3. Samples of any fabrics or other materials used in the space
  4. Thumb drive with a digital copy of your design plan
  5. Color palettes, furniture selections and remodel looks to make your room perfect
  6. Step-by-step instructions, and shopping list of where to buy specific materials and items


If you love your wE-Design and simply can’t wait to have it finished, (or if your DIY becomes DI-WHY), hire us to complete your project. We will apply the cost of your wE-Design toward a full interior design package with Liz.


We know that the design DIY-er is all about keeping costs low, so wE-Design is a very affordable way to get your dream look on a budget. While no two rooms are the same, and each wE-Design client has unique needs, nearly all of our wE-Designed rooms are less than $500. Contact us for an exact quote.

Love it? Gift it!

PDR-Icons_0004_Layer-2Give the gift of GREAT taste! wE-Design is a PERFECT gift idea for newlyweds, baby showers or first-time homeowners. Give the gift of great taste in a beautiful room that will continue making smiles for years to come. Order a gifted wE-Design by calling today, and we’ll send you a custom “Get Started” packet that you can give to your recipient.


Let’s Get Started!

PDR-Icons_0000_Layer-6This is the fun part! Start by downloading our easy, interactive “Get Started” packet, and return to us to get rolling. In no time, you’ll be in your brand new space!


Contact Us

Drop us a line, or give us a call at 859.552.5234.

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